I.- Words by the President

Giants steps are being stepped in the telecommunication world in less than two decades. From plain manually switched voice fixed networks, to mobile digital networks, with outstanding quality and superb video, image, voice and data services in handheld devices that don't occupy the space available in our pockets that can be taken virtually everywhere. And people want more.

This enormous growth of the telecommunication business is driving network operators to search for reliable business partners and it is there where our ability to provide adequate answers to operator's needs comes in handy to fulfill their requirements in terms of efficiency, cost/effectiveness and on time delivery. Our continuous technical updating and professional development prop us up to telecomm service leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean. Smart solutions, swift response time and commitment to the customer are our main values. We focus in offering the best long term support to help operators succeed in their business goals, whatever they may be. Overcoming your challenges is our way of living.

You can confide us your network implementation or expansion, whether it may be fixed or mobile. We do have a wide spectrum of services suitable to your needs. We can configure the best option in mobile technology, with CDMA, TDMA and GSM specifications or any of the latest technologies for the 3rd generation of mobile communication in UMTS or EDGE.

II.- Who we are?

Established in 1999 with its main offices in Caracas, CONSULTEL is a Venezuelan telecomm contractor company, specialized in the supply of design, engineering, procurement and construction of mobile telecommunication networks.

With all the experience obtained from its participation in several great scale projects, CONSULTEL is able to achieve an efficient cost reduction for its customers through the outsourcing of site design, acquisition and construction in addition to the installation and implementation of equipment and network start up. Productivity, Competitiveness and Quality are among the values that strengthen a highly professional multicultural human team that can offer its services to customers in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Since 1998 we have been providers of infrastructure to many operators of mobile telephony networks in Venezuela, as preeminent partner of one of the two biggest Total Solution Providers in the world for mobile digital networks based on GSM specification. Additionally we played a major role in the deployment of the first "Turn Key" GSM network project in Latin-American.